Beautiful Kaua'i Destination Weddings

Kauai Beach Weddings

One of the many great things about having your wedding on Kaua'i is there are so many beaches to choose from! 

North shore offers lush green mountain back drops and waterfalls.

The South shore is usually perfectly sunny!

The East shore can be breezy but also secluded 

Are you not quite sure which side of the island is best for Kauai beach weddings? 

We can discuss all of the your options to help you to decide, and meet with you once you on in Hawaii, as your Kauai wedding guide for the best wedding locations!

 We are Kauai Destination Wedding Planning Specialists.


We are happy meet you once you are on island to choose your favorite location for your kauai beach weddings. Taking care of obtaining the Hawaii beach permit, and hiring your Kauai photographer,  and minister for you

Lets see what your favorite side of the island is!

We offer locations island wide for Kauai beach weddings and are here to discuss your preference to help you decide. 

If you need transportation for just two or  have many guests we will make your reservations. Hawaii is such a beautiful place and having your Kauai photographer capture the special moments in the style you like is amazing!